Onboarding in 3 steps

Once you have installed our plugin from WordPress (click here to see the full explanation), you can choose the options to set up the WhatsApp Chat or Web Push services for your website. To download the plugin you can also go to this page.

Go to the iurny plugin on your WordPress Dashboard. Click on Plugins (the menu column at the left area), using the searcher on the top page you can easily find it and then click on Settings.

Welcome to the onboarding page with 3 easy steps to follow:

1. Login your FREE account

The first step is login your iurny account if you have one from this page. Please enter your username and password and click on Next button. (If you have our console account, you can click on use custom domain field).

If you don't have it, you can create a FREE account by clicking on the Create account button.

To create a free account, please fill your email and password. And pulse on Create Account.

2. Choose your project

The second step is choosing your project. If you have created your account just now, then we automatically create the project for you and you can skip to the next step.

3. Choose your channels

You can click on the WhatsApp Chat image and/or Web Push image (computer screen icon) to activate them. For WhatsApp Chat, it is necessary to fill your phone number and click on Get Started.

To search your country code, you can use the searcher writing your country.

Now you can customize your WhatsApp Chat with your preferences and brand colors and click here to set up the Web Push service.

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