Types of Push Notifications

There are some types of notifications that you can send to your audience depending on your goals and configuration of the push.

  • Recurrent: The campaign will be sent recurrently with the specific frequency. You can choose that the campaign is always active or in a specific date range
  • Persistent: There are notifications that don´t dissapear during a interval time. Only if the user clicks or remove it, the push will be removed.
  • Not persistent: It is necessary to choose how long the notifications are active.

Depending of the types of delivery, there are these categories divided by manual and automatic:



  • Immediate: The notifications are sent inmediately
  • Scheduled: The notification is sent at the chosen time or after any event (with or without time interval)
  • Best Moment: The notification is sent at the best moment choosen by Inteligence Artificial. Every user will receive the notification the choosen day between 8 AM and 9 PM, when its more likely the user to read it.


  • Welcome: Campaign will be sent when a device is registered.
  • Fidelity: Campaign will be sent when a device doesn't open the application since a specified time.
  • Retargeting: The campaign will be sent when the device emits the indicated event.