User Retention

Loyalty Analysis

The Loyalty Analysis focuses on tracking a user over a period of time. We start from the moment the user registers to receive push notifications and measure until they unsubscribe.

The objective is describing both the evolution of the rate of low risk throughout the follow-up and the probabilities of abandon.


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Loyalty Analysis: The iurny technology provides in its reports an analysis of user permanence in order to anticipate their abandonment and develop loyalty campaigns. Discover our eBook!

The user retention curve shows how likely they are to continue receiving notifications as the weeks go by.

The graph starts in week 0 which represents when the device signed up to receive push notifications, regardless of the day it occurred. Information is collected from all users who registered in the last 12 weeks.



It is normal for the graph to be descending, since it does not take into account the new users but the permanence of the users over time. The graph is important because at a glance we can see which are the steepest decline points to modify our strategy at that time and achieve greater user retention.

In the monthly reports you can see the retention curve of all the devices that have been registered in the last 12 weeks and, in addition, have available the retention curves segmented by platform.