About App Push

App Push is a pop up on a mobile of users who have installed their application even if the App is closed. These notifications can be sent to Android and/or iOS smartphones.


Use cases

  • Web Updates: Target your audience with new entries on your website to inform and empower your brand.
  • Retargeting: Focus on the customer journey of your audience to send scheduled and immediate notifications, at the most precise moments (cart abandonment), establishing an effective retargeting strategy to recover sales.
  • Promotions: Send exclusive promotions or discounts for your customers, create a bond of loyalty with them through personalized and attractive messages (multimedia format), both to boost sales and during the purchase process.
  • Conversation: Talk to your users about their various interests, offering them quality content. Don’t just send exclusive messages to sell but also to add value and create dialogue. With this you will be able to draw links and get a better position of the brand.

App Push


Advanced Use

Discover advanced settings for Android and iOS.

  • Select the plataform of the App:
  • For each platform (Android, iOS and Web) there are specific requeriments and permissions that we explain you at Projects.