Installation Guide

Once you have installed our plugin from WordPress, you can choose the options to configurate the WhatsApp Chat for your website.


WordPress Plugin

Go to Plugin page to learn how to install it.

Watch this video (in Spanish) to see all explanation about iurny plugin installation and configuration of WhatsApp Chat service.

Go to the iurny plugin on your WordPress panel. For this click on Plugins, using the seacher on the top page you can easily find it and then click on Settings.

Pulse WhatsApp Chat tab to choose the different options on the top left area:

  1. Remember click on Activate Whatsapp (green color). You can deactivate it if you prefer to stop the service in any moment.
  2. Phone: Write your phone including the country code after the + symbol (Ejem: +44656656656).
  3. Write your initial message. This message will be appeared on the users screen to start their messages for you.

Below you can configurate the logo and chat:

Logo Configuration

  • Position: Choose the left/ right position to appear the whatasapp icon and window. We recommend you the right position as it´s the most often used option so the users are accustomed to search the communication channel at the right area
  • Image: You can customize the image for your whatsapp icon. We recommend you to use the WhatsApp symbol to secure the users undertand what it is. If you choose to upload your own image, you can use transparent color to avoid the border color.
  • Button Color: You can choose the color for your icon taking into account your brand colors
  • Button delay: Choose the seconds to appear the WhatsApp icon on your website. If you write 0, the button will appear immediately after opening your website.

Chat Configuration

  • Chat Header: Write the header for your chat.
  • Chat Text: Write the text for your users: keep it short and simple.
  • Theme Color: Choose the color for the window taking into account your brand colors.
  • Chat delay: After the icon is displayed, choose the seconds to appear the chat window.
    If you ywrite -1, the window chat will be opened only when the user clicks on the watsap icon.


WhatsApp Chat Activation is Fast, Easy & Free

Download the iurny plugin and you will get a direct and immediate communication channel with your audience via WhatsApp.
Try the premium option to achieve the full benefits of our tool.

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