You can see it in this tutorial video or read the instructions below:

Initialize the SDK with the call to the Indigital.init method.

First you have to call the IIndigitall interface inside your MainPage class, as we see below:

IIndigitall indigitall = DependencyService.Get<IIndigitall>();
if (indigitall != null)
    indigitall.Init("<YOUR_APP_KEY>", "<YOUR_SENDER_ID>");
  • YOUR_APP_KEY is an alphanumeric text string. You can find it in the administration console within the Configuration section in the Projects tab
  • YOUR_SENDER_ID is a numeric string. You can find it in the Firebase console, inside the project, in the configuration, tab Cloud messaging.

Add the following code snippet in the OnCreate method from your main application screen. The code snippet must be added before calling _Xamarin's own LoadApplication method.

protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)
    Com.Indigitall.Android.Indigitall.SetDefaultActivity(this, "YOUR ACTIVITY");
    var app = new App();